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Superior Dominican Sister Mary Dionysius, Sister Mary Leonarda, and Sister Joseph Marie arrived at St. Joseph
Church on August 23, 1924. They opened Bradley's first Catholic school. Classrooms were in various parts of
the church building. There were 186 children in the first six grades. In the spring of 1925, Pastor Harris A. Darche received
a wooden building from Bear Brand Hosiery Company. Workmen converted the building's two floors into four
classrooms and an assembly hall.

First school

First graduating class 1926

1960 Dominican teachers at
St. Joseph School

1941 First Communion

1948 Graduation


St. Joe Nuns 1974

Learning Lab 1975


Vikings basketball 1978 or 79

8th grade graduation

Springfield Dominican Sisters
1924 till 2017

93 years of consecutive service at St. Joseph's

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st joe grad 1937
St Joseph graduation 1937
st joseph class before 1937
St Joseph GS  a class before 1937

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